All-in-one Herbie is a game changer

Date de l'article : 05.02.2021
Auteur du dépôt de l'article : Monica
Chapeau de l'article : Do you wish to grow your business despite a global pandemic, keeping your patrons and employees safe?

Here is Herbie to the rescue!

Herbie- Advanced & Matured Voice AI Chatbot built on NLP and ML capabilities.

Herbie offers everything you need to upscale your business: 24/7 customer support, back office maintenance, smart voice assistant, seamless integration with existing CRM, customizes to any business need and the list is endless. More good news is that Herbie is market ready. Do you want to be a part of cutting edge technology?

Herbie - Banking, Insurance, Education, IT-Helpdesk, HR, Telco, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Travel, Government …

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